All Wilderness Foundation UK programmes take as their foundation the power of wilderness to change lives. Whether the goal is therapeutic, educational, social, or some combination, we start by getting participants outdoors.


Troubled urban youth ages 15–21 literally turn their lives around through this proven year-long intervention.

Out There

Young teens who struggle to engage in school engage in outdoor alternative education and one-to-one mentoring.

Imbewu Scotland

Young Scots who may never have seen a landscape without concrete gain employability skills and explore rural careers.

One-to-One Youth Services

Intensive outdoor personal development programmes reach youth whose multiple challenges have resisted conventional interventions.

Wilderness Therapy

Youth and adults in emotional turmoil are healed when outdoor activities combine with purposive psychotherapy.

Wild Swans

Young women develop leadership skills in a wilderness trek in South Africa followed by monthly personal development sessions.

Haberdashers’ Overseas Scholarships

School leavers gain leadership and decision-making skills through a wilderness trail and volunteer placement in South Africa.

School & Youth Expeditions

A wilderness experience in South Africa not only provides the experience of a lifetime but also develops young people’s leadership abilities.

Chatham Green Project

Primary and secondary school groups learn science, English, geography, and other curriculum-based content in fun outdoor activities.