Positive Futures Through Nature

“As a participant of the project, I would like to say that the project was a major turning point in my life and has helped me to take control of my demons and become a trusted member of society.” — Toni

TurnAround was launched by the Wilderness Foundation UK in October 2007. It is a multi-faceted, nature based programme enabling vulnerable young people to make positive changes to their lives. This is achieved by linking community mentors, wilderness therapy, skills workshops and support for employment and further education over a twelve month period.

The participants share a variety of social and personal problems. Several have had lives that already include drug and alcohol abuse, dropping out from school, family breakdown, youth offending orders, low confidence and poor self esteem.

What unites them is the fact that they have all signed and agreed contracts to work towards learning how to take on personal responsibility, and are committed to the programme, and want to work as a group towards personal change. They are supported by parents, social workers and probation officers, and a target for the project is to keep families and key workers up-to-date.

We are accepting referrals now for TurnAround6 which starts in Spring 2015.

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