Join the Sirius Leadership Programme in Scotland

Enjoying the Sirius experience in Scotland

Enjoying the Sirius experience in Scotland

The Wilderness Foundation UK in conjunction with Tellus Mater (a grant giving trust)  each year offers committed young environmentalists the chance to enter our Sirius Environmental Leadership Programme.

This wonderful opportunity provides young people with an almost fully funded trail in Scotland where the participants, together with leaders from the Wilderness Foundation UK and highly trained and experienced guides from our partner Wilderness Scotland, start to explore the impact that we have on the environment in our daily lives, how we can address any negative impact at home, in schools/colleges/universities and in our communities.

Issues we will cover include:

  • Leave No Trace
  • Leadership Roles
  • Identifying needs and wants
  • Sustainability
  • Land Use
  • How to make a difference
Canoeing with Sirius 2009

Canoeing with Sirius 2009

Our next trails depart on 26th October 2009 for five days and this month we are able to offer two different experiences – a course on the beautiful and remote Rannoch Moor focused on the area around Corrour and Loch Ossian (this trip includes a day of canoeing on the loch) and a walking expedition based at Glenfeshie.   Both groups will be using lodges as a base and walking out for day workshops and activities in the midst of this breathtaking landscape.  Weather permitting, we will camp out as much as possible so that we can truly develop a connection to and relationship with the natural world.

These will be the third and fourth Sirius trails we offer this year, with previous groups having gone out in July.  One of our participants, Shail, says of Sirius:

I was really concerned about environment and on other such aspects regarding wilderness. However, my enthusiasm towards these matter has actually increased after the programme. I was also more or less losing hope towards a changed world however, i have started thinking about it again and it seems the project has given me that hope back that people are actually working towards changing the world.

A second participants, Mita, also endorses the Sirius programme:

I would call it a beautiful enlightenment. I think before the trip to Scotland I was interested in the environmental issues because I was aware of the consequences to what humans were doing to the world we live in however now I feel more passionate as I feel I want to campaign for the world we live in today as I can appreciate it more. I feel so lucky to have gone on this trip because I was able to share these experiences and thoughts with such amazing people; my wilderness family.

Sirius A participants enjoying a rest by the water fall

Sirius A participants enjoying a rest by the water fall

If you are, or know of a young person who would benefit from joining Sirius this month, then please contact the Wilderness Foundation UK as soon as possible.   We have just a few places remaing so don’t miss your chance to learn new skills, experience some truly beautiful, unspoiled places and the opportunity to meet more young people like you who ultimately will be the leaders of the future.

The cost per student for this programme is £150.00, with the total value of the itinerary offered being over £800.00.  Programme cost includes train travel to and from Scotland, all meals, accomodation and activities on trail.

For further information on how to join Sirius call Richard or Emma on 01245 443073 or alternatively email with Sirius in the subject line.

The closing date for Sirius applications to be received is Friday 10th October 2009, so don’t delay.

Good luck!

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