Mindfulness for All starting at Chatham Green

A new local group “Be Present Mindfulness” will be offering workshops and activities at Chatham Green starting on 15th July 2017

What is Mindfulness?

It is present moment awareness bringing our attention to what is happening NOW.

Mindfulness has many benefits including:
Improved relationships
Come along and learn how to manage yourself and in turn others

Better Concentration
Learn to be present in the here and now

Clearer Thinking
Mindfull? Join us and get some clarity of mind

Greater calm
Let your breath become your friend

More happiness
Let this day be a present to yourself

Strategies to enhance wellbeing
Top tips for living a mindful life


Available Courses

The first session “New Beginnings Mindfulness Day” will take place on Saturday 15th July running from 10am to 4pm.   

To find details of upcoming courses, which take place on Saturdays and some Fridays, please visit the Be Present Mindfulness website:


Please mention the Wilderness Foundation UK when making an enquiry.


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