Our Friends are the life blood of the charity

For forty years the Wilderness Foundation UK has been connecting people with wild places through its pioneering programme of initiatives, including wilderness trails and social projects in Europe and Africa

Every year we help individuals and groups experience the irreplaceable qualities of wilderness as a positive force for social and environmental sustainability.

If you share our passion for preserving wild places and changing lives, please become a Friend of the charity.   Friends give a regular donation, starting from just £2 per month, which provides us with a regular income towards our work.   This enables us to plan, allocate resources and help more people.

Our strength lies in numbers.   Become a Friend of the Wilderness Foundation UK today and encourage your family and friends to join us too.

“The spirit of man is not creative and whole unless he is involved in a caring and imaginative partnership with Nature” – Sir Laurens van der Post – Co-Founder Wilderness Foundation UK

Thank you.

Become a Friend of the Wilderness Foundation UK

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